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ontario seedless coronation grapes
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ontario coronation grape


 The fragrant flavour and vibrant colour of Ontario Coronation Table grapes makes them a perfect ingredient for desserts, sauces, jams, jellies and juice.

The crisp, juicy flesh and mild sweet taste of the semi-seedless Coronation Table grape is ideal for eating fresh out-of-hand. They are also a favourite for garnish, a sweet addition to cheese and fruit platters and a superb ingredient for baking and preserving.

Native North American varieties are known as Vitis labrusca. They include Concord and Niagara, which are native to Ontario. Traditional European cultivars, including wine grapes, are Vitis vinifera. In addition there are thousands of hybrid varieties

ontario coronation grape news

AUGUST 20, 2015

Bartlett Pears and Coronation Grapes Now Available

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AUGUST 13, 2015 - a new resource to find local fruit

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AUGUST 10, 2015

Nectarines are now available in stores!

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JULY 24, 2015

Ontario Peaches and Yellow Plums Now Available in Stores!

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ontario coronation grape events

AUGUST 28, 2015 - AUGUST 30, 2015

Winona Peach Festival August 28-30

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