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Ontario Tender Fruit - Your orchard of choice, your partners in quality.

who we are:

The Ontario Tender Fruit Growers is a not for profit, independent farming organization governed by our grower members, who are elected by their peers for terms of at least one year.

The Ontario Tender Fruit Growers operates under the Farm Products Marketing Act, and represents all Ontario growers of tender fruit who market to either the fresh or processing market.  Tender fruit includes peaches, nectarines, plums and prunes, pears, apricots and sweet & sour cherries.

Similarly, the Ontario Fresh Grape Growers Marketing Board represents Ontario fresh grape growers who sell to the fresh market only.  The Sovereign Coronation is the main table grape variety produced in Ontario.

Collectively, the Ontario Tender Fruit Growers and the Ontario Fresh Grape Growers represent more than 400 grower-members.  Over 90% of all Ontario tender fruit production is based in the Niagara Peninsula.  The balance is produced in Norfolk County and in Southwestern Ontario.  The average annual farm gate value across Ontario from fresh market and processing sales of Ontario tender fruit totals more than $55 million and for fresh grape commodities totals more than $5 million for a combined total of more than $60 million.

what we do:

The Ontario Tender Fruit Growers and the Ontario Fresh Grape Growers were established to regulate prices and conditions of sale for Ontario tender fruit and fresh grapes, as well as for the purpose of marketing and promoting Ontario tender fruit and Ontario fresh grapes.

Today our services include:

  • price determination for tender fruit and fresh grape commodities grown commercially and sold on the fresh market and for tender fruit processing
  • establishing quality parameter such as minimum fruit sizing and maturity standards
  • production and marketing intelligence gathering and dissemination
  • tender fruit and fresh grape grower licencing and dealer-shipper appointments
  • tender fruit and fresh grape new variety evaluation and research activities
  • implementing food safety and quality assurance programs in conjunction with our dealer-shipper partners to further guarantee the commitment to our retail partners, always with the aim of improving the quality and value associated with Ontario tender fruit and fresh grapes
  • advocating for growers with regards to business risk management, crop insurance and other support programs
  • marketing and promotion initiatives with the focus of expanding the market share of all Ontario tender fruit and fresh grape commodities both domestically and internationally
  • communications to and with growers and dealer-shippers regarding relevant industry issues and information
  • linking all industry stakeholders including but not limited to growers, dealer-shippers, retailers, researchers and nurseries on critical industry issues for the benefit of the entire industry
  • government relations and lobbying efforts 
  • monitoring and tracking of weather related events (including critical temperatures and growing degree days for tree fruit and fresh grapes) which affect tender fruit  and grape production and timing
  • maintaining memberships and participation on the Boards of various agricultural and produce associations
  • sponsorship of various industry and community events which help promote Ontario tender fruit and fresh grapes

how we do it:

As grower organizations our Boards are funded primarily through our membership fees, as well as external research and promotional programs where eligible.  Through these funding mechanisms we are able to carry out the mandate of the Boards and provide our services to growers.

Our success is based on the strong support and cooperation of the trade, the growers and our shipper-dealers.  We're working closely with our partners to meet the changing needs of the market.

Contact the Ontario Tender Fruit Growers at:
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 100, Vineland Station, Ontario, L0R 2E0
1634 South Service Road, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 6P9
Phone: 905-688-0990
Fax: 905-688-5915
Manager: Sarah Marshall
Marketing and Production Analyst: Larissa Osborne
Treasurer: Maureen Connell
Office Manager & Accounts Payable: Sylvana Lagrotteria